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Art Space ยป Nicci Swartz – National Flame – Protea

Nicci Swartz – National Flame – Protea

National Flame – Protea

Nicci Swartz is a contemporary portrait artist born and bred in the Eastern Cape. Swartz has painted murals all over South Africa in the last two decades, spanning from Johannesburg to Cape Town, and scattering the Eastern Cape. After Working in an Anti-Poaching unit for five years, Swartz decided to spend more time showcasing South Africa’s natural beauty, depicting large scale canvases of wild life in bold colours representing our loud and vibrant heritage.

When thinking of a South African flower, the Protea sits front and centre as our National flower symbolizing diversity and courage…the character of our Homeland.

This beautiful image is opposite Sheet Street (close to the Game entrance) on the upper level.

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