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Mziwoxolo Makalima

Aloe Egg – Hope Springs Eternal

Mziwoxolo Makalima is the only artist in the group, to work on the same piece 2 years in a row. The exquisite Aloe motif on the egg supported by the soft yellow and blue geometric forms balance harmoniously with the focussed concept. The Aloe as a resolute iconic symbol of the Eastern Cape.

Hardy drought resistant red poker flame flowers attract birds and insects to drink the sweet nectar, while the leaves hold healing properties and promise of new beginnings.

The egg form has been drilled with a hole saw framing pockets of natural moving light allowing the viewer to peer through the form to the scenes of the mall beyond. The base or nest has taken the supportive candelabra shape of the Aloe leaf forms.

These are made of manipulated and carefully placed cardboard, painted and joined forms which mimic the real plant we all know so well.  The efficient formal elegance of this pieces speaks of the hope. Promise within Eastern Cape to overcome adversity and thrive.

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